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The Blatant Misandry of Mad Max: Fury Road

[Edited June 12.]

I just got back from seeing Mad Max: Fury Road, and I want my money back. Not only was the movie a confused mess with little discernible plot, what plot there was can be boiled down to one sentence: “Women are kind and good, but men are evil savage beasts.”

Yes, it’s that black and white. The two opposing groups in this movie are (1) a male cult known as the War Boys, who keep women as sex slaves and are basically subhuman, degenerate animals, and (2) a group of women escaping the tyranny of the bestial males who join forces with the “many mothers”.  Max (who is an afterthought in his own movie) and one of the War Boys are the two token males who are allowed to redeem themselves of the sin of being born with a Y chromosome, by being useful to the women. Except for these two, the rigid formula followed by the film is woman = good, man = bad. Towards the end, we even have one woman lamenting that her child will likely be an ugly boy, only to be comforted by an older woman who suggests that “maybe it will be a girl.”

Here’s a thought experiment. Imagine redoing this movie, but replacing all the men with blacks of both sexes, and all the women with whites of both sexes. Then we would have a story about a gang of savage blacks terrorizing whites, and a group of whites escaping, joining up with another exclusively white group, and returning to wrest control of the stronghold away from the blacks. Every black in this movie would be a subhuman beast, with the exception of two who end up helping out the whites for their own selfish reasons… and even these two are mentally unstable. (None of the whites suffer such mental instability.)

Wouldn’t you consider such a movie to be deeply racist?

I am over half a century old now, and for my entire life the mainstream media, especially the “entertainment” industry, has been telling me that I am the lowest form of worthless scum just because I am male. I am fed up with it.